Ink Cartridge Installation

Non-Original Printer Ink Cartridges: How to Install Them?

My Ink Cartridge is Empty. What do I do?

“The time has come’ as that famous band Midnight Oil use to sing, but in this instance we are not talking about rent, but about something that is near to my heart and that is replacing your empty ink cartridge with a new one.

Firstly you should never leave your printer without an ink cartridge. Don’t leave the empty cartridge in the machine as well. You should remove the printer cartridge and dispose of it safely. You can read more about our safe recycling methodology on our cartridge recycling page.
The next step is to unpack the new ink cartridge. The copper chip area is a very important area of the cartridge. Try to not touch this area too much. The chip area is important as the printer communicates with the built in print-head and are necessary for the printer to work. Ink levels are also communicated via this chip. So if you contaminate this area the ink cartridge will probably become defective. You can then go ahead and move any labels and seals per instructions and thereafter you can click the cartridge in its place. It is common knowledge that ink cartridges dry out when it is exposed to the elements and therefore it is advisable to leave the cartridge in place and not remove it after installation.

Where do I Open the Printer to Access the Ink Cartridges?

Printer cartridge lid

This printer has a lid that opens in front to reveal the ink cartridge

Printers should show instructions to install cartridges on the inside of the lid. The printer must be on when you perform this operation. This will enable the printer to move the cartridges into a position where you can access it.

If you find that the cartridges do not open automatically after you opened the lid, you should never force the print head out of its housing. Check on your printer to find the ink button and press it, it may have a drop icon to let the cartridges slide out. I have found that if the cartridges don’t slide out you can put the machine off and on again. It sometimes helps.

Most inkjet machines operate in the same manners so it should be rather easy to install the ink printer cartridge yourself. Accessing the cartridges will differ from model to model. Some will require you to lift the scanning lid or even the whole top part of the printer. Others have a lid on the front that needs to be opened.

Installing a ink printer cartridge

The whole top part opens to reveal this printers cartridge

Ink cartridges slide into position

Non-original ink cartridges slide into position, Ready to be removed carefully

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