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How to fix the problem if your printer cartridges are not detected

So you are installing your brand new compatible ink cartridge and suddenly you get this error message – cartridge not recognized. Do not panic, because occasionally some printers may not recognize compatible ink cartridges. There is quite an easy fix when this happens that is explained in this video.

Here is another video that also explain why an error message sometimes occur when installing a new compatible printer cartridge. In this case a laser printer is used and a new compatible toner cartridge is installed. The cartridge is not recognized. It is explained that the symptoms of this problem include:

  • The cartridge shows empty, or less than one hundred percent full.
  • The new cartridge not being shown as installed.
  • A light continues to flash as if the cartridge needs to be replaced.

The video goes on to explain how these problems can be due to the chip on the cartridge not being recognized by the machine. This can then give you a reading based on the old cartridge. It then explains how you can solve this problem by removing the new cartridge, re-installing the old cartridge, giving it time to read and then removing and replacing it again with the new one. If this doesn’t work you should then try the cold start method. It is basically the same method as explained in the first video. . You are basically trying to clear the printer’s memory. The narrator suggests one should switch-off the printer for about 10 minutes. He also suggests re-installing the cartridge and then powering up the machine. Obviously this would not be possible with the ink printer, as the machine needs to be on for the cartridges to slide out to enable installation of the cartridges.

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