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What to look for when you buy Compatible Cartridges

Buy Compatible Cartridges from Trustworthy Sources

So you have looked at your options and have decided to save some money on your printing consumables. You have decided to buy a compatible cartridge as it will fulfil your needs. Usually you can make use of a compatible if you don’t use your printer to do high-end graphics. Generic cartridges are perfect for especially black and white text printing and colour printing where you don’t need photo quality printing or high-end graphics. Most home and office users will be able to use compatible ink and toner cartridges. Now that you have decided the question arises. Where should I buy compatible cartridges from and what must I look for?

The most important thing you have to look for is finding a trustworthy company to buy compatible cartridges from. It sounds so easy, but you will be surprised how many customers will go online and try to source the cheapest prices. Let’s be honest. There are so many online shops one can buy from these days that it is not hard to find the exact compatible cartridge online.  Looking only for the cheapest price can only lead to disaster. It is very possible that the dealer that is priced way lower than the others are selling refills or inferior remanufactured cartridge

I personally feel that using a trustworthy company near where you live are and always will be the best option.  You will most probably know the reputation of your local cartridge shops, or if not it is easy to find out. These local stores usually have technicians that are ready to assist you immediately with problems that may arise. They can even send out technicians to your premises to get you up and running in no time. If you buy your compatible cartridge online you will never get this kind of personal service.

Trustworthy dealers will provide you with a guarantee or warranty

Trustworthy dealers usually stand behind their product by providing a money back guarantee or warranty. If a compatible cartridge dealer can’t provide you with this, then it is better to move on.

How does the packaging of your Generic Toner Look

It is actually very simple to spot sub-standard product. If it isn’t packaged in its own branded box and if the product is not sealed in bubble wrap, the chances are it is not a compatible, but just a normal refill.

Print Quality of Generic Cartridge

There should be no or very little difference between the quality of printing of a compatible or original toner cartridge. If there is a quality issue then you should move on. Trustworthy and reliable manufacturers of generic toners use quality ink in their toners to ensure quality results.

Printing output of the Compatible Cartridge

Does the compatible cartridge provide you the same yields as the original cartridge? To assess this you should probably try them, but you can also listen to what other people have experienced and what they say.

Why CTEC is a Great Solution when it Comes to Buying a Compatible Cartridge

We have discussed all the aspects that you have to look for when you buy a compatible cartridge. One thing that consistently pop-up is that CTEC complies with everything that one would expect from a trustworthy dealer. We provide a 365 day warranty. Our product is of high quality and proven. It is professionally packaged and provides the print quality and yields that is expected by our customers. At CTEC we have happy customers from every sector of the community that can attest to the quality and reliability of our compatible cartridges.

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