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Printer Cartridge Refill & Printer Repair & Service Deals

Printer Cartridge Refill, Repair & Service Deals

Printer Cartridge Refill, Repair & Service DealsThe New Year is starting off with a bang at CTEC in Bloemfontein with the announcement of some super low prices on some of the services that the company are well known for in the Bloemfontein Area. Services like Printer Cartridge Refill and Printer Repair & Services.

Ink Cartridge Refills

Ink Cartridge refilling are done for only R70 per refill. Customers can stand and wait while the refill is done. This is for the customer that prefers not to get dirty or feels it’s easier to rather pay a bit extra to get it done. For the customer that really want to save money we have the option of either buying a universal refill kit if you are a beginner, or our bulk ink which only cost R100 for 100ml of ink. If you buy the ink in bulk and do it yourself, you can do an ink cartridge refill for about R10 per refill. Using ink cartridge refill kits and buying ink to do it yourself can create massive savings on your inkjet printing costs.

Toner Refills

CTEC provides professional Toner Cartridge Refills. Proper methods are used to refill the cartridges and a 100% guarantee is given that the print quality will be of the highest standards. Toners are quality tested.  Refilling toner cartridges are often frown upon, but that is because there are too many fly by night operators out there that actually have no idea what they are doing. Other than with ink cartridge refills where we do promote the do it yourself method, we do not believe that it is a good idea for customers to refill toner cartridges themselves.  Our price of R270 to refill toner cartridges are we believe an excellent price for the quality that you are getting. So feel free to bring your cartridge to be refilled. We will let you know immediately if parts need to be changed and will inform you if it would cost you cheaper to rather buy one of our compatible cartridges. Just bear in mind that toner cartridges don’t last forever.

Printer Repair & Service

Did you know that at CTEC the cost of labour to repair your printer or fax machine is only R280. This does not include the cost of parts that may have to be replaced. All quotations on printer repairs are free. At CTEC we can repair any type of printer or fax machine.

Free Delivery: Generic & Compatible Cartridges

CTEC also announced the FREE DELIVERY of their compatible and generic cartridges in Bloemfontein. Buying your compatible cartridges from CTEC will ensure that you save up to 70% on your printer cartridge costs.

Printer Cartridge Refill, Repair & Service Deals

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