Original Toner Cartridges

Original Toner Cartridges: Most popular brand names supported.

As discussed on our toner cartridge page, original toner cartridges or OEM cartridges refers to a cartridges that are manufactured by the original manufacturer of the printer. They also manufacture replacement cartridges for their own printers. The problem that we have shown is that most of these replacement cartridges that are made by the various manufacturers of original laser cartridges are rather expensive. For that reason, customers are constantly seeking for alternatives. Here at CTEC we specialize in compatible toner cartridges, but we can supply our customers with genuine laser cartridges if they so choose.  We support all toner cartridges from all the major brand names like  HP™, Samsung™, Canon™, Lexmark™, Brother™ Epson™ and Xerox. Our prices are also competitive with the rest of the market.

Why Would Many People Insist on Using a Original Toner?

The main reason for people insisting to use a genuine toner cartridge is that you know where it comes from. You also know that it is created by the OEM and therefore all new parts are used to make the cartridge. Many customers also feel that the OEM products are more consistent and that they provide more superior yields than their compatible or remanufactured counterparts. Most of the above points are challenged by the reputable compatible dealers as they believe that their products are just as consistent as the original printer cartridges and provide equal output as well.

How to Use My Original Toner Cartridge

If you decide to go the safe way and buy an Original Toner Cartridge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be all plain sailing. If it is a new machine please read your manual and make sure that you install your genuine cartridge correctly. Remember that a original printer cartridge can also fail. The failure of a new cartridge is mainly due to human error. New cartridge defect are extremely rare. You will be surprised about the strange things our technicians have found inside some printers. The most common causes of failure for printer cartridges include staples paper clips, paper dust, sticky-back labels and placing the cartridge down on an unsafe position causing damage to drum.  Our technical staff is always on hand with advise if you need it. Visit our contact page with any questions or queries regarding your original printer cartridge purchase or alternatively phone us on 051 4486119 and ask for a technician.