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One Stop Printing Solution

Our slogan describes CTEC as a one stop printing solution. Although we thus concentrate on our generic brands, we do stock original ink cartridges as well. We know that although colour printing with generic ink cartridges is generally fine for most customers, true to life colour prints are critical for some people. In the case of flesh tones, even small colour variations can be very obvious.

Inkjet Cartridges: The Quality of Colour Printing

Photo printing, graphic design, and other applications where the emphasis is on visual detail, all depend on inkjet printers and cartridges. The inkjet cartridges also allow for a wider colour spectrum, assuming a colour cartridge is used. Inkjet printers often have a few different cartridges that cover specific colours. Although the detail and colour spectrum is improved, inkjet printers can be more expensive to run over time as they require more frequent cartridge replacements.

Advantages of Using an Original Ink Cartridge

The main advantage of using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) printer cartridge is that it will definitely be compatible with your machine. No worries of error messages or getting it to work on your printer. The second advantage is that the quality will be high since it is manufactured by the same people that made the printer. They know the machine and all its nuances and created it brand new from scratch. Their personal approval is connected to this product.

The Major Cons of Using Original Inkjet Cartridges

Original Ink Cartridges:Very Expensive.

Genuine inkjet cartridges are obviously those that would give you the best prints, but they are very pricey. OEM ink cartridges are generally not as expensive as toner cartridges, but unfortunately they generally produce a much lower yield. This means that if you print a lot you will end up paying much more for your printing.

The Safe Storage of Original Ink Cartridge

It is generally common knowledge that toner cartridge has a longer shelf-life than inkjet cartridges. There are generally steps you can take to let your ink cartridges last longer. Big companies generally like to buy their genuine ink cartridges in bulk to save money. It is important to keep the cartridges in their original packaging to keep it from air and light. This will increase the life of the cartridge. A properly stored original inkjet cartridge should last between one and two years.

CTEC:What to Expect When Buying Your Genuine Ink Cartridges From Us.

At CTEC you can always expect honest advice and reliable product. If you need the highest quality of graphics or photo printing we can provide you with original ink cartridges at very competitive prices. We generally supply inkjet cartridges from all the major brands. If you intend to save money you can check out our wide variety of inkjet compatible cartridges that we sell. We also refill your original ink cartridges.